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No one can walk or lead you…

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Discovery Park – Seattle, WA

No one can walk or lead you down your path in this life.  It is yours to find and yours to walk.  Many may walk along your path, walk before or behind you, others may cross it, but they may not walk it.  The onus is on each of us to discover, walk and fulfill the obligation of that path in this life or another.

It is not until we know our path that we discover our purpose.  This realization signifies an understanding of, a connection to  our role within the collective consciousness.  The epiphany empowers the individual in its role within the collective consciousness.  Thus, emboldening and fortifying the collective consciousness to create the change desired by the love and light embedded in the hearts and minds of humanity. We will save ourselves through the gift of love and light bestowed upon us, by Our Divine Creator. One in The Many, Many in The One.  We are the Divine Source of Creation. We are the gift , the hope, the savior we have been waiting for.  Empower yourself and humanity, be a paladin of love and light. #thetimeisnow #zayco

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