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Octopus Spirit Totem

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The octopus is a strange-looking creature that gracefully and almost eerily moves throughout the sea. The odd physical composition as well as its unique behavior have earned this creature an endless list of spiritual attributes that we can call upon in our daily lives.

Like other water-dwelling creatures, the octopus animal totem symbolizes purity, emotional, psychic and creativity. The octopus spirit guide is also known to be symbolic of a keen spiritual psyche and inspires others to channel theirs. Fittingly, this creature also symbolizes the flexibility that is necessary to our lives. Its physical characteristics play a large role in how we interpret their spiritual significance. As invertebrates, they are not limited by a spinal column, allowing them to move with much more agility than humans. Their movements symbolize grace and flexibility as they peruse the sea floor skillfully and without strain, just like flowing water.

The water that houses the octopus also denotes flexibility in that it takes the shape of whatever vessel is containing it. It implores us to exercise such flexibility and adaptability in our own lives. As a spiritual totem, this creature wants us to loosen up and relax sometimes, keeping our eyes on the end goal while moving along our path in a more natural way.  Just as the octopus lives in an environment that is in constant motion, so, too, do humans. Our world is shifting and ever-changing and we must act accordingly to move along with it while remaining on our desired path.

Octopus Associated Traits

Adaptable, Flexible, Emotional, Creative, Psychic, Focus, Logic, Intelligent, Potential.

Symbolic Meaning Of Octopus Air Totem

As a spiritual guide, the octopus acts as a symbol of more things than most. In addition to the above mentioned traits, it has a lengthy list of attributes to help guide our hearts and minds: free will, focus, strategy, potential, logic and reason, defense, insatiability, knowing, complexity, and unnerving unpredictability, just to name a few. They are highly intelligent, strategic beings who utilize their secrecy to survive and thrive.

Spiritually, octopus meanings symbolize great energetic depths and offer a plethora of lessons to those willing to learn. They are born and live at the sea floor, symbolizing the necessity of being grounded in our lives. Although we each possess special gifts, we cannot allow ourselves to become aloof. Furthermore, the octopus animal totem reminds us to remember our foundations as we continue to move about and explore the world.

The octopus is a regenerative creature, meaning that it can detach an appendage if need be. This defensive tactic allows them to escape predators and other potentially harmful situations. For us, this serves as a reminder to cut excess baggage loose. Maybe there is a person in your life who is leeching off of you, but you are too kind or too nervous to send them off.

The octopus spirit guide reminds us that we must take care of ourselves and not allow people to take advantage of us or bring us down. This applies not only to people but to situations and tasks, too. If something is distressing to you and not helping you to achieve your goals, you must have the strength and will power to set it free. This can be a scary process, especially if you are releasing something that has previously been fundamental to your life.

The regenerative properties of the octopus remind us that all is never lost. Things that should or need to grow back will do so naturally. Letting go is an exercise in acceptance and forgiveness, albeit one of the most difficult ones. In this way, the octopus is particularly helpful to us during dark and desperate times of need, such as with addiction or abuse. If we allow ourselves to be guided by the principle of regeneration, our journey through difficulty will seem less intimidating.

The octopus symbolism is also known to facilitate very emotional dreams. In these states, the dreamer may experience a roller coaster of ups and downs, but the octopus is there to assist in healing. By working through these difficult feelings, you are cleansing yourself and enabling unadulterated happiness and peace of mind.

Octopus Spirit Totem by Leah M Bostwick

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