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Palindromes, Easter, The Circle of Creation, An Auspicious Time

The synchronicities presenting themselves this weekend are makers representing an auspicious time. Palindromes (A word, verse, or sentence that reads the same forward or backward) represent a return to the beginning point, signifying a cycle is complete. Easter marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Circle of Creation, a sacred place of Creation representing Divine acts upon Earth. All these markers tell us the Divine has been busily working, Revelation is our reality and the promises of God as written in the Christian Bible have come to fruition. We witness God at work, promises fulfilled and the transcendence of this world for those who have remained steadfast to their commitment to God, Divinity, The Source of All Creation, for God is rewarding those of faith with promises fulfilled.



“‘…He’s wearing the Ouroboros.’ My blank stare surely revealed my confusion. ‘The snake biting his own tail. It’s infinity. He reminds us to go back to where we began in order to move forward. It’s returning to the beginning.’ Like palindromes.”

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