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Past Life and Nature Speak Oracle Card Readings…

I pulled these cards to post information and demonstrate what a past life and Nature Speak oracle card reading would look like for potential attendees of a market I will be working at tomorrow.  I thought I would post the information on my website as an example for others who might be interested in a reading.  I provide traditional readings where the client asks me a question, I channel the question and respond accordingly. I also read chakras and auras. Again, I am posing photos of past life and oracle cards I pulled for myself. Beneath each image is a brief summary of what a reading might entail for those cards.


Past Life Oracle Card Reading

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Past Life Oracle Card Pull

The question I always ask is what do I need to know to maintain my path of my soul purpose?  What do I need to know in order to bring love and light to this world and fulfill my soul purpose?  The first card is the past life associated with this question, the middle card represents the current status of the question and the 3rd card represents the future status or lifetime of the question.  In this “pull”  I was guided to draw a 4th card.  When I look at these cards the message is very clear.  Remember, this is my life, so I have very clear perspective on what is going on, so pulling my own cards creates a very easy “read.”  The 1st card, “Forgiveness,” represents forgiveness from past life traumas as well as traumas from my childhood.  The anger and resentment that I carry from those events blocks or slows abundance and my ability to manifest the things I need to fulfill my soul purpose.  I must release the negative energy associated with those experiences.  The 2nd card, “Medicine Man/Woman,” represents my past life as a healer.  The truth is, I have had many past lives as a healer and in every lifetime I take the role of lightworker.  This card reminds me that it is my job to heal, therefore I must only project goodness, love and light.  Any negative energy, anger, bitterness, resentment is counterproductive and must be release to make me my most effective lightworker.  (This goes back to the forgiveness card.)  As a result of being a healer, I carry much wisdom, innately, and must honor that wisdom by maintaining clear, centered, balanced energy and always come from a place of love and light in order to be effective and fulfill my soul purpose.  The 3rd card references “Father.”  My father is 93 years old and my soul mate.  We have always been very close and he has always been a guiding light in my life.  Much of the anger, resentment, bitterness I carry relates to not only my traumas, but his also, from this life and past lives.  My father has dementia, I just visited him in California 2 weeks ago and his health is deteriorating more rapidly because of the progression of the disease.  So this 3rd card is telling me the future outcome for this reading.  It honors the profound nature of my relationship with my father, the pain and sadness associate with my/our traumas and requests the release of any negative energy associated before he passes.  This way, when he passes, I am only mourning his death, not reliving or ruminating on our traumas, because not only do actions carry negative energy, but so do negative thoughts.  The 4th card, “Spouse,” I was guided to pull honors the individual path, but also the need for a companion.  I am recently divorced and although I do well on my own, I soon will no longer have my father.  Even though he no longer recognizes me, I am able to visit him, see him, touch him and tell him how much I love him.  He is eternally, my companion in this universe, when he passes I will be able to connect energetically with him, but as a physical person in a physical body, the loss of the ability to touch the person you love is profound and I will need to adjust.  Thus, as social beings with the need for companionship, I must honor the need we all have for companionship, love and support, otherwise, I run the risk of isolating myself, withdrawing too far into an internal world and blocking my ability to be an effective healer and lightworker.  I must allow someone new into my life.

Nature Speaks Oracle Card Reading

Nature Speaks Oracle Card Pull
Nature Speaks Oracle Card Pull

Once again, the question I asked was what do I need to know to maintain my path of my soul purpose?  What do I need to know in order to bring love and light to this world and fulfill my soul purpose?  If you have not read the “Past Life card pull” I have included in this post, I would encourage you to read it before reading this caption, they are interconnected, which is not surprising in any way.  Cards 1-3 represent past, present and future in this oracle deck.  Additionally, I was once again guided to pull a 4th card.  The first card, “Lily: Time of New Birth,” is a message of new opportunities being presented to me.  I think a clear and simple example of this is getting a table at the Macabre Market this month.  The reader tables are taken up within about 10 minutes once the email goes out that they are putting out the call for vendors for the next market.  These small markets allow vendors of many disciplines to present whatever it is they are selling or offering to customers and clients.  Storefronts are costly these days, so these opportunities are important for many of us.  Further, I have had the opportunity to expand my lighworking within the homeless community here in Seattle at one of the local day centers.  Further, as a former special education teacher and 2 children with disabilities, I am qualified to work with children and families who have students with disabilities.  I have expanded my work within the community and offer free help and guidance with navigating the IEP process as well as advocation for their children.  Parents are their children’s greatest advocates, but often do not know the rights afforded them under ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and FAPE (Free and Appropriate Public Education).  Although this does not bring me money, I exist between the gaps and fill in the spaces, I readily take on what is asked of me.  I know, with these opportunities, I bring abundance and manifest what I need to maintain my household and care for my family.  The second card is “Wind: Change is Coming.”  Clearly when my 93 year old father passes, this change will be profound.  I take advantage and solace in knowing what is before me and not live in denial of it.  I prepare myself for the inevitable with love and gratitude in my heart.  My father cannot live forever, but what he gave me thoughout my lifetime, I will carry through the rest of my days.  As unsettling as this truth is, as one door closes, another one opens.  This door must close so that new opportunities can be presented.  The messages being, do not linger over what has been lost, but what lay before you.  The 4th card, “Apple: Believe in your Dreams.”  Our dreams are presented to us as a guide, inspiration of what is possible.  I must first dream, to consider the possibilities, then believe in those dreams to bring them into my reality.  As the door of opportunity opens, the abundance I have earned through my lightworking  aides me in manifesting my dreams into reality.  Therefore, I must release the negative energy I am holding onto (see Past life card reading) to negate any blockage of abundance so I am empowered to manifest what I need to bring love, joy and happiness into my life, care for my self and my family and fulfill my soul purpose.  The 4th card, “Prairie: Move and Adapt,” it is time to make any moves you have thought about, a very clear message.  I took my kids camping near Gifford Pinchot National Forest this summer and received very clear messages that it was time to move out of the city and into a more isolated environment.  This card just confirms that intuitive knowing that came across my mind when I was hiking with my kids.

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