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Perspective is Changing, Humanity is Diverging (12/11/2022)

These are profound times of change. Each perspective is unique. What each of us experiences is unique and defines our perspective, perception, path and purpose. These are the moments where it is becoming clear that the world around us is an experience. We look at ourselves and ask, what is my role in this experience? We acknowledge that our experiences have an affect on all other experiences. We look at ourselves, our choices, reconcile our truths and know our path and purpose. We are in the moments of transcendence.

This is not true for all, as divergence is simultaneously occurring. Some have not chosen to acknowledge the self, their inner Divinity, seek path and purpose and transcend. These individuals will repeat this cycle. We all must fulfill our obligation to the Divine and one another, unlock the keys and codes necessary to open the door of transcendence. This is not punishment, this is Universal Law. This is our obligation to the Divine and one another. We have each decided our journey through our words, actions, thoughts and intentions.

This was decided in the beginning. We accept, acknowledge and take our place in the flow of energy when it is our time. We do not resist, we become love and direct the flow.

We are everything, everywhere and nowhere, we permeate all things, unified always, never apart.



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