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Poinsettia Symbolism – The Blood of Christ

Poinsettia 2022
Gifted Poinsettia

One of my coworkers was given a poinsettia from a vendor. She gave it to me because she wasn’t going to be coming into the office. I was looking up the spiritual significance and there really wasn’t anything that resonated with me.

When I look at the flowers I see this deep red and I feel The Blood of Christ. I see blood running down the flowers and the leaves dripping off the points of both. I watch the red leaves change and darken as they start to decompose on the vine and it makes me think of dried blood. I see the beautiful green leaves representing vitality, growth and eventual healing. I hear Jesus’ words, “…My God, My God why have You forsaken me?” Matthew 27:46 and I know that he is not crying out to God, but to Humanity.

Why did humanity forsake Jesus, why did humanity not heed the words Jesus spoke. Humanity only needed to love one another unconditionally, show respect, kindness, tolerance, patience, honor one another, that was what was being asked. Why did that not happen? Instead they chose to persecute and crucify not only Jesus, but many others.

We all carry the Divine spark within, Jesus was calling to Our inner Divinity. Why couldn’t we draw that part of ourselves out and share it with one another. Jesus did not expect a “God” to come down and save him, he asked, wanted, needed for humanity to reach out to him, show him unconditional love and compassion, asked them to believe and trust in something greater than the self and place faith and trust in that thing, but humanity did not do that. It was the Divine that drew him from the physical form, embraced him, loved him unconditionally, forever. The Source of all Creation embraced Jesus, it was humanity who forsook him.

The poinsettia represents this process of revelation.

Here we are at this place, we’ve been provided 2000 years to learn from various religious teachings, not just founded in Christian beliefs. From this place, have you done the work over all these lifetimes? Have you placed your faith and trust in the Divine?

Poinsettia’s are everywhere during Christmas, begging you to answer this question because it is the honest answer to this question that directs your path.

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