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Pranayama – Full Yogic Breath Explained ~ Pranayama Breathing Exercise Class

I feel this lovely lady, Kavita Maharaj, does such a wonderful job explaining and demonstrating the “Full Yogic Breath” that I thought it was important to post this video.

Additionally, I have found that proper breathing is not only an important part of meditation, but also important in maintaining clear, centered balanced energy in daily living.

The Full Yogic Breath is at the core of yoga practice. When you learn to breath from your deep belly instead of your chest you increase your lung capacity, increase circulation, send more oxygen to the brain and reduce stress and tension quickly and effectively.

Duration: 4.5 min

Benefits: reduced tension, increased lung capacity and circulation, improves mental performance and encourages focus

Contraindications: None. This breath is suitable for everyone who requires oxygen.

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