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Protea and Leucadendron Flower Symbolism

Protea Leucadendron
Red Protea and Leucadendron Flower Arrangement

My daughter picked the red protea and leucadendron arrangement, I added the pine cone, pine tree and purple heather from a previous arrangement. It felt appropriate. I’ll add the previous protea symbolism write-up I posted, but I felt like it would be appropriate to add the subsequent intuitive messages I received relating to the protea flower. It’s been coming in strong and even my daughter picked up on its energy.

The protea is one of the oldest flowering plants that we know, about 300 million years old, making it a hearty shrub. It goes back to what we might consider the beginning of time, here on Earth. It is linked to the Greek God Poseidon, as Proteus was Poseidon’s son adding a Divine element. Very simply, through the Divine, we return to the beginning. We are completing a cycle, returning to the beginning with a new perspective. We return to the original way of Unity, community, simplicity, communal living, connection through our service to one another. We are not to be served, we are to be connected through our service to one another. We serve Mother Earth, all her inhabitants, from there, we reach out to the Universe to serve as Beings of Love and Light. We serve one another and as we serve one another we Serve the Source of All Creation, discovering our true inner Divinity.

Thus, this arrangement represents the beginning of this cycle. It is the introduction to this new way of being, a return to Origin, Source, with the faith of a child, wrapped in the wisdom of experience. We shift with Mother Earth embodying absolute faith in the Creator of All Things, following Divine Guidance on our path,

Thank you Maddie Forbes of for the article that provided the hits which inspired the interpretation of this arrangement.


-The flower’s unique appearance is also often perceived as a symbol of IDIOSYNCRATIC BEAUTY, INDIVIDUALITY and COURAGE to STAY TRUE to oneself.

The RED PROTEA FLOWER is a royal symbol of passion and romance. In its unique shape and extravagance, the red protea is a symbol of courageous expression of love. Red is one of the primary colors of the king protea variety.

The god Proteus was known as ‘the old man of the sea.’ A son of Poseidon and Tethys, this water god looked after the sea flocks. Proteus had the gift of changing his form at will. Many heroes tried to catch a hold of him, for he could foretell the future and would always speak the truth. However, Proteus was a skilled shape-shifter, and capturing him was almost impossible.
According to the myth Aristaeus, Apollo’s son, was one of the very few heroes of the antiquity, able to capture Proteus. He managed to achieve this after much effort. The elusive god of the seas kept turning himself into various animals and beasts, before he finally surrendered. At another time, Homer narrates, the sea goddess Eidothea, the daughter of Proteus, agreed to help Menelaus by outwitting her father and capturing him while he was asleep. Taken by surprise, Proteus still managed to assume various forms including that of a snake, lion, panther, boar, a tree and running water. Eventually, he could no longer escape, and he agreed to give Menelaus a prophetic advice.

Proteus’ name comes from the Greek word ‘protos’ which means ‘first’. Proteus was the first son of the Greek god Poseidon, and among the first divine figures mentioned in the Greek mythology. Being first applies to the protea flower, too. In a way, the protea flower is first of its kind. Based on fossil findings, scientists have established that the proteas are among the oldest flowering plants on the planet. Proteas first appeared on the ancient super-continent Gondwanaland, nearly 300 million years ago.

LEUCADENDRON SYMBOLISM: Simple beauty is one of the most popular meanings for this bloom. The blossoms are uncomplicated and have a simple appearance to them.
They are often used to convey an appreciation for simplicity in life. They may be used when someone has suffered a loss of a loved one. They may also be used after another type of loss has occurred in life.
The pink and red colors can also be taken to symbolize passion. This meaning can lead to them being used for romantic arrangements. Leucadendron used in this way may also mean a simple love of beauty.

PINE CONES:  represent longevity, nurturing and protection.
Pine Cones—like flowers—grow outwards in a Fibonacci spiral. Some place cosmic importance on this as it appears everywhere in the universe.



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