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Puffin as a Spirit Totem

Atlantic Puffin: Spirit Totem

I was watching a moving, Seven Swords, and one of the characters had a bird on an “ear cuff” that I perceived to be a puffin.  All the bells and whistles went off, so I looked up the meaning of the puffin as a spirit totem.  I found this interpretation/channel on another site by Quornesha S. Lemon. It feel like a pretty profound message to me!  (Side note:  Donnie Yen, who stars in Seven Swords, also plays Sun Wukong in The Monkey King: Havoc in Heaven’s Palace  and he’s off the charts!  Sun Wukong is a monkey destined to be a god and Donnie Yen plays “The Monkey King” and the way he moves is mind-boggling!  I highly recommend it if you are ok with subtitles.)

The Atlantic Puffin represents self-acceptance. You are to step up for yourself at this time. You are to stand your ground against spiritual warfare, psychic attack or the attacks against your character from fellow human beings. Right now, it is time to subside from the past, not to forget it. But to place the priority of hurting or grieving from it beneath you. As soon, a project or life event requires your strength, will, power and tenacity.

The Atlantic puffin is symbolic of self-empowerment. Right now is the most pertinent and utmost time to grow up and be what you are meant to be at your highest level. Right now, you can no longer blame your past for where you are. Right now is not the time to compare yourself to others. Right now, isn’t the time to doubt yourself or the plans the higher powers have for your life.

You must understand, that the trust and confidence you must have in anyone, is within yourself. You cannot place anyone on a pedestal, above what you think of yourself. Take caution in the trust you place in others over yourself. Or the superiority over others. Take caution, as the very people you hold accountable to do right by you, to be there for you…trusting so much to not or to do a thing on your behalf. Wind up, being center stage and front row…seated at your pain. On a stage called ‘life’. Don’t place others above trusting within yourself. Do for yourself always. Trust yourself to do right by you. It’s called individual salvation for a reason.

The big “moment” you’re waiting for, comes from within. Otherwise, no one will ever be able to satisfy your needs and ideas, the way that you can. Stop expecting others to revolve around your ordeals. Why don’t YOU, revolve around your own expectations. Be whatever you are seeking first. Be a trailblazer. Lead the way. The Atlantic Puffin is symbolism of that. The power to take control of your own fate. Once you take responsibility for how you feel and what you feel. What others think about you, cease to matter. Hold yourself in a higher perspective. Don’t give that power over to others.

If you see things or expect things in any special way. The best person to fulfill those ideas is yourself. Don’t place humanity, anyone, by any measure above the voice of the spirit *nor above what YOU should integrate into your own actions*. Don’t get too comfortable with people. No one. Can feel the passion that you feel about something. Because you are a unique person to fulfill that mission and no one else can do it other than you. Spread the light and the fire that you feel about anything in this world. The causes. The pains that bother you. The events you cannot sleep on. The laws of this world that dismember your thinking, because you know they are not right. IT WAS AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN YOU! Whom the great I am, the higher power above all powers of this world. Assigned YOU TO DO.

It is up to you to keep going to do something different than you’ve already done. No one is responsible for the mistakes you’ve made, but you. No one is responsible for how you feel, but you. No one is responsible for your life’s purpose or mission, but you. When you leave this life, for a new one, or simply as a God in the afterlife, the higher powers will see to it, whether you have completed a task or not. And it is up to you, to show forth receipt, that you have. Meaning, your actions, and all of the things you were set out to do in this time of your life.

ONLY YOU can fulfill the destiny of your life. And only you are responsible for how that life is written or remembered. Leave a legacy that makes a difference. YOU CAN integrate with all manner of people. And you should. Just remember who you are, and defeat all that isn’t right. Overcome all evil with righteousness. That doesn’t mean go on without making any mistakes yourself. That means to stand in the light and power of diversity and equality.

You can live in a world where others are different, who might hate you because of your indifference, and yet still, stay woke. And there are times in life, where you may be forced to be in the presence of an enemy, stay knowledgeable and awakened to who you truly are and that of your ancestors and honor your truth always. Never forget. IN the end, only YOU are responsible for how your life has played out. NO MATTER, what occurred along the way. Don’t become bitter only…stand up for what you believe in, and make a difference. Seek healing where you need healing. Ultimately the Atlantic Puffin represents leaving the ‘crowd’ and following in the footsteps of your own mind. Being unique, and different. Also sadness and grief. Overall, the overcoming of the past.

Whispers, Channels, Prophecies & Visions by Quornesha S. Lemon

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