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Quanta, Consciousness, Neurology and The Pineal Gland

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Many of my visions and psychic experience have inspired and taught me about the foundation and nature of The Universe.  The Fibonacci Spiral, vesica piscis and sacred geometry were unknown to me prior to what I can only describe as a massive spiritual awakening.  Being ADD and having an auditory processing disorder that wasn’t known or understood until adulthood, I learned to ask questions and figured out how to teach myself as well as learned what it would take to hold onto that information.  Little did I know what the numerous struggles in school, college and post graduate work would mean for me.  I have been empowered to seek out, discern and educate myself.  This is important because in this endeavor I have learned about, quantum theory, consciousness and neurology as it relates to the pineal gland.  I have posted on social media recommendations to help inform and provide sources of information for individuals to seek out knowledge in order to help or guide them in this vain on their individual path.

What I have discovered is that Michio Kaku is a fabulous source for learning about quantum theory.  He has an incredible gift of taking complex concepts, ideas, scientific observations and making them accessible to laymen.  His interviews on the YouTube channel, Big Think are a great source as well as his book, Hyperspace.  Additionally, Randy Veitenheimer has a show on Gaia called “Quantum Effect.”  This is a fabulous source for an in depth explanation of consciousness.  He focuses on consciousness from an esoteric point of view, but brings in scientific components, which I find essential to a well rounded understanding of the information he presents.  Additionally, Joe Dispenza has a show called “Rewired” which is also presented on Gaia. This show discusses the physical, neurological/pineal component of consciousness.  The implications are profound and meaningful, but, in my opinion, are incomplete without including the spiritual component.

We must reconcile, the scientific, the idea of quantum theory, with the spiritual, the reality of our consciousness and the truth that this consciousness resides within our physical body, empowered and manifested through the pineal gland.  All 3 truly exists as energy but traverse this world and are perceived as solid matter through the physical manifestation of our body.  When we are able to reconcile these truths, we will empower ourselves to create our realities through our consciousness and exact change in this world in ways that would be described as magical or miraculous from our current paradigm.

Look within, seek knowledge, discern, be a paladin of love and light.  Create change in your reality from a place of love and light, believe your world into being.


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