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Regret, Rejuvenation, Renewal (01/21/2023)

This is a unique time for humanity. To see the world and the Universe through this lens during transcendence is unique. To knowingly exist on multiple levels of consciousness is something that cannot be explained, one must experience it personally.

Parts of this video discusses how you might start to see or identify how you could be existing at multiple levels of consciousness. There is additional discussions on potential tools of love and light, There are other parts of the video that indirectly ask you, how do you see the world? Have you ever consciously thought about that? What is your perspective? Has it changed? How does the world, this reality reflect you to yourself? Can you see or identify that truth?

I feel like there are many tangents in this video, but I feel it’s appropriate at this time to discuss these varying perspectives all in one place. We need to take a hard look at ourselves and ask ourselves, am I where I want to be, am I fulfilled, happy, joyful, and if not, what do I need to do to be, find or create a catalyst for change. It is in these moments that we plant the seeds for our future, in this lifetime or the next.


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Autophagia defined via
noun Physiology.
1. controlled digestion of damaged organelles within a cell.
2. the maintenance of bodily nutrition by the metabolic breakdown of some bodily tissues.

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