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Sacred Spaces, Perspective and the Ending of a Cycle (12/03/2022)

This world has been in the process of transitioning for a while, but that transition is shifting. We have officially completed this cycle, but it is not that simple. There are karmic events transpiring in these moments. The flow of energy is in place and moving, but it is going nowhere. No events put in place will come to fruition. These are the ancient fragments of and old outdated perception. Therefore, the Divine allows these events to move until the energy behind them ceases to exist. Those participating in this unbalanced energy, experience it. There is another reality being created simultaneously. As this energy of separation falls away, paladins of love and light are manifesting New Earth and begin to witness their manifestation come into reality. This is the process of death and birth. We are being reborn to a new level of understanding called transcendence.

This video discusses this transition and how it can potentially affect our perception of the world around us and the universe we live in. It introduces us to the roles of the beings in the inner earth and asks us to see ourselves as something new and different and explore those ideas.


Rise of the Guardians

Cosmic Disclosure on Gaia

Pam Gregory – YouTube Channel

#DivineIridescence #DivineInspiration #Eira #Zayco

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