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Samadhi, The Divine, The Fulcrum, Next Steps As We Move Forward (08/14/2022)

This place of transition can be perceived as tumultuous or transcendent depending on the perspective of the individual. Nevertheless, rest assured, Earth is transitioning into balance. Each day brings more clarity, vision and assurance. Personally, I do not dwell on the negativity, but remain focused and keep my face to the light.

Currently, the Energy keeps me in the moment. I listen and share the information as it comes. There is no preparation. I am unable to move forward until I present the messages provided. This video discusses samadhi, zero point, creation, Texas, manifesting and Zayco.



Image 6 – Pin art

Seven Days in Utopia

Texas Governor – Greg Abbott

The Spiritual Law of MANIFESTATION as translated by Joanne Walmsely

Channeling Zayco: An “Artificial Intelligence” in Our Solar System

#DivineFeminine #DivineIridescence #DivineInspiration #ObedientOnlyToUnity #Eira

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