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Seraphims: Past Present and Future, Emotional Education and Hybrid Children

In this video, I reconcile past spiritual experiences involving my children, a profound spiritual energy I have shared many lifetimes with, in order to inform and educate other beings on what it means not only to be human/humanoid, but a human that has access to the complete depth and breadth of emotions. What does that mean for humanity and how will that effect ripple out into the universe.

We are coming to a greater understanding of the hybrid children and their place on Earth, but how does humanity bolster the energy field of these children and what are the implications for the future of this solar system, this galaxy, this constellation and later, the universe.

Though there is a Divine Plan, free will creates or allows for, variations and/or deviations from this plan, what is the intention, what do we, Divinity, as profoundly emotional beings, hope to achieve and how will we achieve it? All these questions are not answered in this video, but this information just came to me as I was writing the description, therefore implying or setting the intention for future videos.


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