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Solemn Energy In These Days 12/24/2022

The energy is solemn, it is a time of reverence at this stage of awakening. How will the final push of tribulation present itself? It is not meant to be known. These moments are about faith and trust in the Divine and a moment of Revelation.

At this time, so much of these moments is irrelevant. We are completely moving out of this place, nothing of the old will remain, but nonetheless, I was guided to create this video. The Will of the Divine will be executed. This video merely discusses the misconceptions or unfounded beliefs of those who choose separation or the ego over unification with The Divine Creator.


Uluru/Ayers Rock

Uluru images

Ayres rock (Uluru) from above

Life Is a Flower – Lotus Blooming – Time Lapse photography

Everything Everywhere All At Once

#ObedientOnlyToUnity #LoveAndLight #DivineIridescence #DivineInspiration #Eira

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