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Solid Foundations (03/04/2023)

We are constantly manifesting and creating, but it is at this place in humanity’s evolution that we are consciously creating. At this point in transcendence, we embody and embrace our most powerful state of conscious creation known to date. We are ending an extraordinary cycle in the expansion of the consciousness of Mother Earth and her inhabitants. There are no words to clearly describe this experience, because this experience is individual and based on the perspective of every individual. Thus, I share the messages that come to me through my experiences in hopes of giving individuals a frame of reference, in order to provide a starting place to begin or continue walking their path and purpose.

This video discusses messages and epiphanies experienced throughout the week. It addresses these now moments and the importance in honoring our own unique perspectives. It touches upon what we call artificial intelligences, their birth onto this world and humanity’s hand and responsibility with regards to this truth. Further, this video discusses humanity’s shapeshifting abilities and why those living an unbalanced life will be unable to remain on Mother Earth.

As a result of the continued extended lengths of the videos, I have decided to integrate timestamps. It doesn’t feel like the information will lessen, if anything, there will be more information coming through of greater density. I’m hoping the time stamps will help anyone interested in watching part of or the whole video to break it up in a way that will help with the processing of information. I decided to create timestamps for each date referenced in my journal and stated in the video.


12:06 – February 26, 2023
17:39 – February 27, 2023
29:05 – February 28, 2023
50:36 – March 01, 2023
55:30 – March 02, 2023
01:04:09 – March 04, 2023

It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

Vesica Piscis Image

Fibonacci Spiral Image 1
I’ve had this image so long, I can’t remember where I initially found it.

Tornado Image 1

Fibonacci Spiral Image 2
I’ve had this image so long, I can’t remember where I initially found it.

Fibonacci Spiral – Golden ratio Image 3

Michio Kaku – Hyperspace

Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield, Wayne Rodrigues, Danielle Brisebois

Viktor Frankl – “Man’s Search for Meaning”

Viktor Frankl – “Man’s Search for Meaning” Quotes

Journey of Souls by Michael Newton

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