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Standing at the Tip of the Spear Awaiting the Execution of the Will of the Divine (12/18/2022)

In this now moment there is no anticipation, only knowing that the will of the Divine will be realized.

This video, like the last, discusses the emancipation of sacred spaces on Earth, the will of the Divine being executed and acknowledges the consequences, both positive and negative as inevitable. The use of the world inevitable is not a statement of resignation, it’s an acknowledgement of trust in the Will of the Divine, trust in my commitment to my path and purpose, trust that I am safe as I fulfill my obligation to the Divine and safe in the knowing that when it is time for me to leave this world and return to the Source, it is merely an indication that I have fulfilled my path and purpose, my obligation to the Divine.

At the root, this video speaks to what I have been guided to share and it shares what will come to pass. Follow Divine guidance and heed the warnings. The Will of the Divine will be executed.


Uluru/Ayers Rock

Uluru images

Ayres rock (Uluru) from above

Climbing Ayers Rock

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