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Spiritual Meaning of the Mermaid

Along with unrivaled beauty, myth depicts mermaids with heart-stoppingly luscious voices... They are matrons of enchantment, entreating sailors with beguiling beauty, grace and mesmerizing melodies. Seductive and charming, all those in contact with mermaids are subject to their persuasion. I…

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Using Affirmations to Manifest…04/06/2019

I will aide humanity, Mother Earth and the beautiful energies that call her home in manifesting the most desirable outcome for us throughout the ascension, awakening, transitioning of our consciousness, our perception of our very existence from a place of…

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Communicating with Trees

Communicating with Trees by Laurene Camacho Mary J. Getten - Teleclasses I participated in a "Communicating with Trees" class a week ago and felt inclined to share my experience.  I consider myself a "classic psychic."  I do not label myself…

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