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Mother Earth provides all that we need

  Mother Earth provides all that we need.  We are a product of Our Divine Creator in solidarity with Mother Earth. Together, a Unified Source of love, life, support and nurturing.  The Source of Creation is incarnated on our world…

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Fractals Exist Outside Space-Time in Time-Space

Last night I woke up and saw a complex fractal in my room. The colors were army/olive green and powder pink. It was not against the wall, it existed outside space-time in time-space. This is a place where nothing and…

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Venus of Laussel Goddess

I keep on seeing crescent shapes, I"m posting this article written by Erin Dragonsong.  When I read it resonated with me. Generally called the Venus of Laussel or Femme à la Corne (Woman of the Horn), this prehistoric Mother…

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