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The Assignment of One to Usher in the Messiah, is Not a Responsibility to be Taken Lightly…

In this time of transition we are asked to demonstrate faith in Our Divine Creator as The Source of All Creation has assigned Donald Trump the responsibility of ushering in the Messiah as we navigate tribulation through Revelation. As Mother Earth transitions we are left with the remnants of a world ravaged by this negative polarity, mind, body and spirit. We are moving into the most challenging portion of the transition for the lightworkers of Mother Earth. We are pivotal at this time of tribulation and transcendence. We must see ourselves in a higher light and rise beyond the bounds placed upon us by the paradigms of this world, reach our full potential and aide in the healing of Mother Earth. We give relief to those who have been on the front lines, support them with love and light, compassion and kindness, live by example and demonstrate the path to love joy and happiness. We provide one option on the path of healing. Be the being you were meant to be, on this world, in this lifetime. Be a paladin of love and light.

Biblical Numerology Predicts Trump Will Usher in Messiah

There are no coincidences, only sychronicities. Below is a post I made January 6, 2020. I didn’t realize it until just before I started the video, the colors I am wearing coincide with the colors in the vision manifested before me dated the night of January 5, 2020, fractals embodying the colors army/olive green and powder pink. The designs in my dress represent fractals.

“Last night I woke up and saw a complex fractal in my room.  The colors were army/olive green and powder pink. It was not against the wall, it existed outside space-time in time-space.  This is a place where nothing and everything exists.  It’s a place of creation and nothingness, it is all time and no time, alpha and omega.  It brings peace and the Divine and inspires faith and trust. Olive Green speaks space and wisdom, feminine leadership qualities, and peace through compassion for humanity. OLIVE GREEN asks the questions: “Can I surrender to the new way of power and leadership? Can I embrace the ancient ways of honoring each individual for who they are? Can I radiate my feminine power so that others may learn?” Men may fear this new energy and its direction of feminine power.

OLIVE GREEN is the first possibility of new hope in the development of humankind. It is being the feminine archetype of compassion, wisdom, acceptance and understanding and modeling it to others. It is not power over others, but celebrating each individual for who they are and therefore empowering them. It is standing in someone’s shoes so that you may understand more of the human journey toward peace and love. This can only happen when you merge with the heart of another. Colour of the Holy Spirit.

PINK: Unconditional love and caring. Pink is considered Red (Life) with more light (consciousness) added.

Unconditional love. Feminine intuitive energy. Awakening. Represents the feminine role model. All red “issues” are either enhanced or negatively strengthened. Compassion. Serene love. Nurturing. Bringing the Light to the Life.  Could lead to true spiritual sexuality.”

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