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The birth of the White Buffalo…

The White Buffalo/Bison

The birth of the White Buffalo, according to Sioux tradition, is the sign of the return of harmony, unity and peace to the Earth. It signals the fulfillment of the prophecy of White Buffalo Calfwoman that the appearance of White Buffalo means all nations shall be redeemed and learn to honor what is sacred on our Earth. The 2000 year-old prophecy is unfolding as we are seeing the birth of White Buffalo on native land. But what is equally fascinating is the appearance of albino* white animals being birthed in a large variety of species. This is no coincidence, as these are the signs of an emerging New Earth. The white animals are more than a symbol, they are actually small vortices of energy placed throughout the world to imbue the land with purity. Their incarnations tell us we are living in exciting times and that the path toward ascension is opening up for everyone.

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