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The Book of Jeremiah, End of Times, Transcendence (07/04/2022)

When reading about the 7th angel in Revelation, I was led on a journey of discovery with regards to the Book of Jeremiah. It was described in a commentary I read as one of the books with more negative connotations. Really, the only negativity is what came to pass for those who did not follow the law of God and the reality that Nebuchadnezzar was used as a tool by the One True God to punish those who dwelled in Jerusalem. Was this something the people of this time did not want to hear or could not or would not believe? What parallels can be drawn in the world today?

I feel like with all the modern day technologies, discussions of extra terrestrials or Beings of Love and Light, psychic phenomenon, TV shows that one might see on Gaia or the History Channel and breakthroughs in quantum mechanics, people do not believe that God or the Creator of All Things might still work in the mysterious ways of the Bible. I feel like there is a strong possibility that humanity has become so entrenched in the dogma of religion, they have lost sight of their spirituality, they have lost sight of what it means to believe in something with the faith of a child, yet, that is what is being asked of us today. Have faith and trust in something greater than yourself, have faith and trust that, that thing loves you more than you can ever know and if you have faith and trust in that thing and put nothing before it, fear, danger and destruction cannot touch you. Should you put faith and trust in any other, then it is that thing that you put your faith in that will be responsible for your safety and well being, and that was your choice.

God, Divinity, The Source of All Creation does not ask much of us, love one another, care for one another, respect one another, honor one another, honor life, all life, atone for wrongdoing, believe and have faith in the Divine, the Creator of All Things. It is in these days that we must testify to this truth or be accountable and assume responsibility for any choices contrary to the will of the Divine.


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