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The Charge of the Goddess (02/24/2024)

At the root, each person’s experience is an experience of the Divine Consciousness. The Source of All Creation is shifting the direction in the flow of energy, we are shifting the direction in the flow of energy. This is a product of Universal Law. Many have been trying to circumvent Universal Law and believed because they were getting away with their deceptive ways that they were succeeding. They never considered the fact that every choice placed before them provided an opportunity to live from unconditional love, balance, Unity. What we will witness is not punishment, it is a result of Universal Law. Individuals choosing the lower vibration, the egoic mind, will be moved to a world appropriate for their level of conscious awareness.

Those living from an unbalanced stated have manifested their new world in Cepheus. Their world has been formed, determined by their words, actions and intentions.

The energies of Kali and Sekhmet have been strong and are appropriate in these days, Divine Feminine empowered to protect and liberate the most vulnerable on our world, then provide safety and healing. Through the chaos we find peace, unconditional love and healing.

The Universal Laws:
Law of Attraction
Law of Manifestation
Law of Flow
Law of Karma
The Universal Spiritual Law of Attraction at translated by Joanne Walmsley

Be Merciful, Be Kind as We Return to the Beginning (08/29/2020)
**Bloodletting/vetting of planet

Uluru images

Uluru image: Sunrise, Sunset at Ayers Rock via LiveTrdingNews

Image: Uluru and Kata Tjuta via

Image: Uluru Dreamtime Story via Uluru Australia’s Iconic Red Centre

Image: Aboriginal Dreamtime via Geology of Australia

My Spiritual Family Tree

Explanation of Shadow work:
What Is Shadow Work In Spirituality? By Amanda Linette Meder

Dark Night of the Soul:
Understanding The Dark Night Of The Soul (+ How To Get Through It) by Sarah Regan

The Dreamtime:
Aboriginal Dreamtime BY ROI McGUINNESS

Samadhi Definition by Tea Koevska

Divine Feminine Oracle:

Sekhmet – represents the sacred rage that keeps us protected and reminds the world of the pure strength of female power. Sekhmet was a powerful guardian and protector of the pharaoh. She was called on during times of war and considered to be a goddess of divine retribution.

Holy rage, sacred anger and positive aggression –these states of being are crucial aspects of the divine feminine. It’s the female power that ends wars, that brings home missing children, that seeks justice for the earth and for those who can’t defend themselves.
via The Divine Feminine Oracle cards by Meggan Watterson

*Durga – Kali’s goddess mother

Eckhart Tolle’s Teaching: Your Bad Ego and Its Problems posted by Allen Cheng

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