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The Current Profound Shifts in Energy Are Necessary in Completing This Cycle (11/20/2022)

Currently we are experiencing profound shifts in energy. How each of us process and perceives this experience is different. The differences will mark or identify the level of awareness to the discerning eye or energy. Like birth, this is an individual journey. However we depart this cycle, is a type of death, a release of what was and a birth into the next cycle, what will be. This is different for each individual energy, soul, person. Each individual makes this determination through their words, actions, intentions, thoughts. These next steps are not determined by the Divine, but by the individual soul. These next steps are not punishment, they are chosen by the individual soul as necessary steps in their journey, in their soul development and evolution.

The place we are moving into might seem tumultuous, erratic, unplanned and even harsh, but this is part of the Divine Plan. To connect with the Divine provides clarity for we are unified always, never apart. We see the path and know the purpose. We do not second guess the Divine, we sit in and move with the flow of energy, knowing our purpose and fulfilling our roles. We acknowledge the Divine Spark within and heed its call. We are Everything Everywhere and Nowhere, We permeate all things, Unified Always, Never Apart.

We bring Love and Light to a world that was once in discord.


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