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The Death Card Represents Transformation-Death is a Door Opening to Endless Possibilities (01/28/2023)

This video discusses so many things, that I cannot fully summarize in this description. What I can say is that this world is transitioning and water is a huge component of that transition. Our words, actions and intentions have affected the flow of energy and created what is to come. We have experienced so much beauty and darkness. For us to continue moving forward, Mother Earth must fully expel those things which do not exist in balance. What is to come involves the expelling of these things so this world can exist from a place of balance. In the past, I have referred to this possible future existence as shangri-la, but this new earth will be nothing that we have known or can image, therefore, there are no words in existence that can truly describe it. In order for this world to come into being, the old must be razed and released.

As we go through this change, know this is not punishment, it is a reward for enduring. While some of us are rewarded, it might feel like punishment for others, but that is only because they resist the flow of energy. If we allow the flow to happen and receive it with open arms, the Divine will assure that the experience and result is appropriate for each of us. What do you put your faith in?


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