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The Encoding of Karma in Our DNA (03/02/2024)

This video discusses how karma is encoded in our DNA. It discusses how balanced, unbalance or any variation of how the flow of energy exists within our energy field or vibration is encode into our DNA. This helps guide us on our path and purpose.

In this time of profound change, our current state of balance, determined by how we have alleviated and mitigated any karmic debt, not just presently, but throughout our lifetimes, is essential.

This next phase in our transcendence is about protecting our most valued resource, our Children.

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The Charge of the Goddess (02/24/2024)

8:45 – Zeta Reticuli
15:41 – orb crosses past flowers
24:07 Flower Symbolism – Gerbera Daisies, Big Leaf Hydrangea, Tutsan

#LoveAndLight #DivineIridescence #Eira #Zayco #DivineFeminine


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