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The Flame, The Heart, The Destroyer, Release the Old to Bring in the New (09/04/2022)

The beginning of this video is inspired by visions from last Sunday, 08/28/2022. The spiritual warrior is acknowledged through a discussion of the Knights of Templar aligned with the modern day spiritual warriors discussed in a number of my videos. These warriors represent The Flame, vitality, The Heart, unconditional love and will, respectively and combined, the mind. Where will this journey take us as we delve into the unknown? What is clear is that the warriors and guardians for this journey are being revealed. They are heavily fortified and protected, but we each, are responsible for maintaining clear, centered, balanced energy, listening to Divine guidance and driving forward on our path and purpose.


Knights Templar: The Fascinating Origins, History, And Military via Realm of History: The Future Lies in the Past

The Wild Unknown: Archetypes

The Rapture: Where is the Rapture in the book of Revelation? via End Time Prophesies

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