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The Flow of Divine Consciousness and The Sealing of the 144,000 (09/09/2023)

At this pivotal time, we look within and seek internal guidance. Everything we need, lies within. We access our inner Divinity, listen to our intuition and know we are on our proper path. When we do not resist and choose to exist within the flow of the Divine Consciousness, we accept and receive abundance, the benefit of our commitment, faith and determination.

We continue to move through the process of transcendence as we enter the age of Aquarius.

This video discusses a pivotal time in this transition. Religious traditions would call this, the placement of the seal of God, the esoteric community might refer to it as transcendence or ascension. Whatever the terminology, we have ended one cycle and are moving to the next. This is a joyous time for all as we release a difficult phase of this experience and begin moving into a new phase of consciousness. We are beautiful beings in this Universe and we are worthy of this gift.

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Revelation 7:1-11 BSB

Father Sun = Solis

The Art of War Quotes – Sun Tzu


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