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The Gift and Burden That Has Been Placed Upon Mother Earth and Her Inhabitants…

As we move through this phase of tribulation, revelation and transcendence, if we look at the world around us and ask why, we must open ourselves up to the answer and realize there is a reason for all things. This experience has purpose, what is that purpose for you? Mother Earth has been duty-bound to aide in the transcendence of Divinity. As inhabitants of this world, we are the modality and she is the vehicle. We work in unison as paladins of love and light, unified always, never apart, empowered by our interconnectedness and unconditional love to assist in the transcendence of this universe. We have been tasked with this obligation and as such, the onus is upon us to prove that we are up for the task.

Look within and seek your role on this world, through this transition. What has been asked of you as we move through this phase, what must you endure and how will it teach you what you need to do post-Revelation? Your place on this world may diverge today, tomorrow, or in 100 years, what are you setting your intention towards. Every breath, step, word, action, thought is determining the next and how you will move forward through this incarnation and into the next. Only when you are truthful with yourself can you honestly engage the world, this universe around you.


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