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The Head of the Snake, Releasing the Pain and Trauma of this Lifetime, Moving into Balance:

The head of the snake has been removed, Paladins of Love and Light are in a readied position.  We are the power structure.  Those who have chosen balance, who will be inheriting Mother Earth, are manifesting our future with their hopes and dreams for that future.  This video discusses the release of struggle, past traumas, sadness, anger, forgiveness of the self and those around you, thus, releasing the negative energy and attachments associated with those experiences in order to aide in the manifesting of joy, love and happiness onto Mother Earth.  

We are the alchemists, we have the gift afforded by the Creator of All Things to transmute the darkness of this world into light with mere thoughts of love, joy and happiness.  Be Paladins of Love and Light and create the world you wish to inherit.

Rattlesnake sounds via TruTech Wildlife Service

So what is that Ringing in my Ears…… by Celia Fenn

Horn of God/Horn of Salvation (Heard January 17, 2021)

The Law of Attraction as translated by Joanne Walmsely

The Higher Self:
Definition –  What does the Higher Self mean? via Yogapedia

**The higher self is that part of yourself that remains in the ether with God, Our Divine Creator, part of God, the collective of the universe, with access to infinite knowledge, available to each of us as a guide and support throughout our existences as we incarnate in this universe and any other we decide to reside within and/or become a part of.

List of emotions of a positive polarity:
Positive Emotions List

List of emotions of a negative polarity:
Negative Emotions List

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