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The Healing This World Needs Will Come Through Music (04/03/2020)

I was watching some of my old videos and noticed one of them referenced another video I had never posted. First, this video was recorded on my birthday in 2020. Next it was titled, “The Healing This World Needs Will Come Through Music” a topic I have talked a lot about recently and third, I have been seeing my birth date everywhere. I’m not sure what this video entails, but when I watched the first 7 minutes, it felt very relevant. It speaks of path and purpose, perspective of Divine Guidance and support and it must talk about the role of music during this transition since that’s what I titled the file. What I realized as I’ve been watching my old videos is, the message is clear to me of what I am meant to do and I am walking my path and purpose.

Finally, this is the video referenced in: “The roles of the laws of attraction, karma, flow and music in the healing of our world (04/03/2020)”


#LoveAndLIght #DivineIridescence #Eira

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