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The Laws of Karma and Attraction at Work and Creation through the act of love, duality-Unity

This past Wednesday, I had a profound vision that I have shared. It opened the door to discuss the importance of the roles of the masculine and feminine, the role of love on creation. As emotional beings, we carry the depth and breadth of love and as such are powerful creators. This gift of creation will make us powerful allies when we drive from the heart. This journey begins here on Earth as we begin to align ourselves with other beings of love and light who call Earth home.

Further, there is a point, where all choices have been made through action and intention, we have passed that point. For those who have chosen darkness, they will be provided darkness. For those who have chosen light, they will be provided light. Mother Earth will transcend into light and this world will heal. The time is now. Know what you witness is not judgement, it is choice. Once again, those who chose darkness will be provided darkness, those who chose light will receive light.


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