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The Lizard Spirit Totem

Lizard Spirit Totem

The lizard spirit animal is the epitome of a true survivor. It will go to great lengths to have its way. For example, it fights fiercely to protect its tuff.

At the same time, the lizard knows when to call it quits. It’s willing to sacrifice its tail to the enemy to ensure that it survives to fight another day.

Of course, it does this in the full knowledge that another tail will grow in the place of the first one.

When this spirit animal comes into your life, you are determined to get things your way. Also, you learn how to surrender the things you don’t need in life.

This gives you the opportunity to attract more meaningful energies in life.

This spirit totem gives you the power of regeneration. Your rebirth and transformation start when you welcome the lizard spirit guide into your life.

What is the Meaning of the Lizard Spirit Animal?

People with the lizard spirit animal find it easy to go with the flow of life. They clearly get the message of this spirit totem.

As such, you are able to extricate yourself from confusing situations. You may not know exactly how you are supposed to proceed. However, you’ll always make it when you surrender yourself to the flow of life.

The lizard spirit animal enables you to faithfully follow this flow. Also, it tells you to tread lightly. You need the perception and craftiness of the lizard to thrive in any situation.

Also, the lizard spirit presence in your life stands for resilience. This reptile gives you the power to keep going, even when things are at their toughest.

Granted, you have many fears and challenges in life. But, this should not pull you back. Rather, face each of these fears squarely and deal with them effectively.

The welcome spirit animal stands for rebirth and a new start in your life. As such, do not allow the failures of your past affect your present.

Instead, recover what you have lost. Replace it with something new, something better.

The lizard totem calls on you to be calm and still. Don’t waste time chasing after red herrings. Don’t be too busy as not to see opportunities when they come your way.

As an alternative, take it slow. Allow opportunities to catch up with you.

The lizard spirit encourages you to have variation in your life. Routine can be rather boring. Add spice to your life by accepting varied experiences.

This spirit totem is very agile. When it spots a predator, it faces the enemy with a unique level of bravery. However, when things prove tough, it darts away at surprising speed.

This teaches you to be bold in grabbing opportunities. Move with speed and strength when the situation calls for it.

What is the Symbolism of the Lizard Spirit Animal?

The lizard spirit animal is ever watchful. It is keen not to be caught unawares by its enemies. This is quite significant when it comes to your life.

Your spirit guide encourages you to watch out for any possible threats in your environment. If you spot them in good time, you can turn them around and reap some benefits.

For example, the threats that come your way could be an avenue to great opportunities. Use the threats to show the world your true mettle.

The lizard spirit is a symbol of flexibility. This totem is telling you to be adaptable.

What circumstances and situations are you facing in your surroundings? What can you do to thrive under any new conditions?

Be flexible. This allows you to get opportunities with ease. Also, it makes it hard for any threats to catch up with you.

If anything, you end up converting your threats into opportunities for growth and expansion.

When it comes to the matter of the heart, the lizard comes to free you from the failures of your past. It’s likely that you are living under the shadow of your past mistakes.

The lizard spirit animal gives you the power to cut off these shackles. In this way, you are able to enjoy better romantic engagements in your present life.

Importance of the Lizard Spirit Totem

The lizard spirit animal comes into your life to add value. It finds you when you feel like you have reached at the end of the tether.

Under such conditions, you will be caught up in the daily drudgery of life to the extent you no longer find joy in life.

The lizard totem comes to remind you of your dreams. It fires your imagination, and you realize that it’s possible to re-focus on your goals.

People with the lizard spirit animal are big dreamers. They know that they can achieve whatever they conceive.

With this kind of an attitude, you are able to break free off your current chains. You’ll be able to see everything from a new perspective.

Your dreams will come alive once more.

What’s more, you’ll no longer be intimidated by your fears. You have the ability to do a thorough self-examination and discover the best way of handling your vulnerabilities.

When to Call on the Lizard Spirit Animal

Oftentimes, you’ll go through experiences that make you restless and unhappy with the quality of your life.

This is a major sign that you are becoming disillusioned with life. At such time, you need to listen to the stirrings of your soul.

You need to find the peace and quiet necessary for you to re-focus on your goals. You need to call on the lizard spirit animal for assistance.

Call on this spirit guide when you find yourself in these situations:

  • You want to recover from a major setback
  • You need to replace old, tired habits with new ones
  • You are tired of leading a routine life
  • You need to deal with your fears
  • You seem lost and directionless

Does the Lizard Appear in Your Dreams?

The lizard spirit animal can reveal its presence to your conscious in a number of ways. One of the more common ones is through dreams when you are fast asleep.

Dreaming of a lizard has a deep, significant meaning. You need to pay very close attention to the message this spirit guide wants to pass on to you.

One interpretation of such a dream is that you have hidden gifts. The lizard comes to ask you to exploit these gifts for the sake of your community.

Also, you can use the gifts to smoke out your enemies. Some people – some very close to you – have hidden agendas regarding your life.

The lizard spirit guide comes in your dreams to warn you of this. Remain alert, so that you can deal with such people at the right time.

If need be, use the lizard craftiness to escape from any threats they pose in your life.

Dreaming of the lizard also means that you need to come back to your dreams. You have deviated too much, and your life has taken an undesirable direction.

Your spirit totem wants you to know that you can start afresh. Discard any baggage in order to move with the swiftness of the lizard totem.

Final Thoughts…

If you have the lizard as your spirit animal, it’s likely that you have a cold-blooded side. People will see this in you when you feel slighted.

Those who experience this side of you will never wish for a repeat show.

At the same time, you have the shrewdness and the cunning of the lizard. This is a good thing, for you are able to confound your enemies with your decisions.

The Lizard Spirit Animal by The Secret of the Tarot

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