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The Most Accurate History of Humanity is Carried Within the Oral History of the Indigenous People of Mother Earth

Clifford Mahooty: Zuni Elder
Clifford Mahooty: Zuni Elder

The most accurate history of humanity is carried in oral tradition. It is carried in the wisest, the Elders of the tribe. The indigenous people, the stewards of Mother Earth, protect this knowledge with wisdom and integrity. Unlike books, this wisdom cannot be burned, rewritten, revised or abridged. To the stewards of Mother Earth, the keepers of wisdom, the beings of love and light are eternally grateful. In the darkest of days, the light of our Divine creator, shines brightly upon you, filled with love and gratitude. It is with great courage that the indigenous people of Mother Earth stand in the darkness, shining their light waiting for the world around them to awaken, for darkness cannot exist in the light.

Indigenous People of the Seattle Region Presenting Light in a World Shrouded in Darkness.
Alaskan Viaduct – Seattle – February 2, 2019

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