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The next guardian will soon be revealed

It is in the heart that all wars are won


The next guardian will soon be revealed. There is nothing to fear. She is of Earth and walks among you. She is you. She guides you through the collective consciousness. Access the higher self, listen for the messages. Become One, once again, with Mother Earth. You have all that you need. Transcendence is at hand and there are many Beings of Love and Light waiting patiently to assist once Earth has reached the apex in this transition. Know you are not alone, know humanity is merely living out events already put in motion but also know you are currently creating Earth’s future with your thoughts, your consciousness. Think beautiful thoughts, hope, love, compassion, goodwill, kindliness, prosperity, autonomy and manifest these truths into our reality. Be a paladin of love and light and know we are all Guardians of this world.

Image by DreamyArt on Pixabay

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