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The Paradox of Creation, The Second Coming, Tribulation and Transcendence (01/21/2024)

How can we exist from this plane, yet still create from the void? We do not only exist within the process of creation, we are the vehicle of creation.

This video discusses 3 primary messages that have come through over the past 4 months. We are moving through a profound time of change. The seeds of creation have already been planted within the consciousness of humanity. What we will be witnessing is the tilling of the soil, the preparation of this world to house and nurture Our transcendence, the rebirth of Mother Earth, this World and Humanity.

00:25 – Empowerment of the Divine Feminine within all of us.

17:20 – Inner Earth/Raptor Discussion

Divine Feminine Oracle:

Sekhmet – represents the sacred rage that keeps us protected and reminds the world of the pure strength of female power. Sekhmet was a powerful guardian and protector of the pharaoh. She was called on during times of war and considered to be a goddess of divine retribution.

Holy rage, sacred anger and positive aggression –these states of being are crucial aspects of the divine feminine. It’s the female power that ends wars, that brings home missing children, that seeks justice for the earth and for those who can’t defend themselves.
via The Divine Feminine Oracle cards by Meggan Watterson


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The Hopi Prophecy of the Red and Blue Star Kachina’s via

RED STAR KACHINA: The Greatest Unfulfilled Prophecy Of The Third Millennium

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Flower Symbolism: Tulips, Speedwell/Veronica, Tutsan/Hypericum (01/18/2024)

**The message in the flower symbolism video is aligned with this current video. The messages reconcile the videos.

A Brief History of the Secret Space Program via Gaia

Cosmic Disclosure on Gaia

Cory Goode

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