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The Path and Purpose of Mother Earth and Humanity (05/15/2022)

Transcendence has many faces and many levels. In the end, our responsibility is to care for Mother Earth, our care taker, provider, nurturer and protector, we must reciprocate. As we move into universal awareness, who will be the tip of the spear? Who are our allies? This was all decided at the beginning of time. Those who have sought, found and walked their path and purpose from a place of love and light are called to service. They were not only the first wave to transcend, they are ambassadors of humanity and the Divine. They represent the best parts of us, because they have learned the most important lesson of all, embodying the heart from a place of love and light. I believe in your path, I believe in your purpose, I believe in you.


Quantum Consciousness and Manifesting, Matching Vibrations and Connecting Consciousness (04/30/2022)

#LoveAndLight #DivineIridescence #ObedientOnlyToUnity #Eira

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