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The Personification of God

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The personification of “God” has ruined the beauty of what religion was to bring to humanity.  God is placed in quotes because the God we perceive to be real or the Creator is a creation of man.  It is my intention to explore the implications of this misconception.  Translations of Genesis state that God created man in his own image, that image being one of a human.  I feel this is a misinterpretation of the image of the Creator of the universe.

In locating this misinterpretation, we might consider passages that capture the creator’s own self-referential language.  Take, for example, “I AM THAT I AM” (Exodus 3:14).  When our Creator refers to itself, it is not as male or female, only that it exists. Man has personified our Creator and assigned this being as judge and jury to punish and condemn or reward.  This notion removes the possibility of unconditional love and compassion, empathy, trust and faith.  We feel such a need to punish one another for bad choices or wrong doing, we have projected this need onto a consciousness that is incapable of such anger, hostility or aggression.

The creator’s existence–the creator’s “I AM THAT I AM”–is a benevolent energy consisting of pure love and light.  This energy is only capable of expressing love through light and vibrational energy.  There is no hate, condemnation, disappointment, ostracism or segregation.  Nothing reminiscent of dark or negative energy comes from this Source.  The darkness of negative energy is a product of man.

Love lifts us up and encourages us to try again, making every effort to do our very best.  Love never grows weary or impatient.  It is patient and steadfast.  It waits for us to ask for help or guidance, then gives us what we need, not necessarily what we want.  It’s important to understand that wants and needs are not necessary mutually exclusive.  This love and light energy is the foundation of all existence, including that of the soul.

Opening our minds and understanding God exists not as a physical being but as a benevolent energy consisting of love and expressing itself through light and vibrational energy is necessary and imperative.  Correcting this misconception will be a significant step towards breaking us out of the rigid religious concepts that have become the norm.

Edited by Raquel Baker, Ph.D.

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