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The Power of the Crescent Moon

The Power of the Crescent Moon


Debbie Keil-Leavitt

The Crescent Moon and You

The Crescent Moon is a symbol of power that has been recurring in art and spiritual thought for over 30,000 years. It is seen in religious symbols and even the flags of nations. Have you ever wondered what the mystical power of the Crescent Moon might mean in your chart?

The beautiful sight of the Crescent Moon appears in the sky each month and inspires us to think that it might be a cradle for our newly-born dreams, as various stars and planets appear within its cosmic container-shape. The ancient Wise Ones/Magi of Mesopotamia and ancient Persia celebrated the Crescent Moon each month. Today’s Tibetan monks have kept this tradition alive in their monthly religious activities and base their new year on this Moon, rather than the New Moon used by the Chinese.

The Same Sky

To begin to understand what the Crescent Moon meant to the ancients and still means to the spiritually wise people of today, we have to think beyond our computers and our city lights. Those wonderful skies that you see in the mountains, the tropics, on trips to the country and on ocean cruises are the same eternal skies that the ancient sky-gazer/priests (really everyone) saw on clear evenings.

Hunting, Stargazing and Magic

The Full Moon brought the brightest nights when our hunter/gatherer ancestors were able to hunt with a degree of stealth, yet they would have to be more aware of the animals who might also be hunting them. This helps in understanding powerful and fruitful (yet more dangerous) Full Moon symbolism. The dark of the Moon would have created deeply dark evenings. This is when people throughout time have seen the stars at their brightest. This was one of the important times when the priestesses of the mysteries of the feminine ruled and practiced their magic.

Yet, there has always been something vaguely frightening and titillating at the same time about everything that is dark and mysterious. So the wise astrologer/star gazers always watched for that lovely Crescent Moon to reappear, heralding the birth of the new light in the sky.

Venus of Laussel

So we begin to understand the eternal, spiritual feelings that arise when we gaze at the Venus of Laussel (over 25,000 years old) holding the Crescent Moon in her right hand, displaying 13 notches—an annual Moon cycle and the age that young girls become fertile—as her left hand lies upon her pregnant belly. She seems to be speaking to us of an impending birth of something wonderful—of life and the joys it offers.

Ancient Egypt

It’s no wonder then that in ancient Egypt, the Crescent Moon was the symbol for both great goddesses, Isis and her daughter-in-law Hathor, the cow goddess. Not only is this symbol present in our monthly Crescent Moon, but it is seen in our evening skies as the constellation Taurus, rising in the time of birth—spring in the Northern Hemisphere.

Sacred Cow Horns

The cow’s crescent-shaped horns were symbols of the ancient “sacred bull” civilizations. The Minoans provided the source of much of the Greek culture and traditions that gave birth to our Western society. The idea of the sacred bull and its crescent horns is still alive in the rich culture of India where many still revere the cow as sacred. Tourists in India are often amazed that these animals run freely among the people, the city traffic—so important is the cow and the Crescent Moon there.

The Birth of Children and New Ages

It also appears that the Magi of Mesopotamia and Persia who were the 3 Wise Men were likely viewing some very powerful Crescent Moons during the springtime in a year with a very special alignment of Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter is the symbol of the “prince/heir to the throne” and Saturn was the “star” of the Hebrew tribes. This would appear as a very bright “star” that would rise each evening for the Magi to follow. So the birth of the Jewish “prince of peace” to all Christians is likely to have been symbolized with a series of important Crescent Moons.

The Crescent Moon has been the symbol of the birth of children, new leaders and even new ages. This natural form or creativity has given life to everything on our planet. The Crescent Moon also tells us of the birth of our new relationships, creative efforts, businesses and more in our personal lives.

Since this symbol of the “birth of the new” has been alive longer than our written history, the Crescent Moon should be viewed each month as a potent symbol of where you are giving “birth” to new areas of your life. This is when you welcome your new creation for your life and cradle it to maturity.

The Power of the Crescent Moon by Debbie Keil-Leavitt

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