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The Spiritual Law of Grace

Translated by Joanne Walmsely

Grace is a Divine dispensation of mercy.  It dissolves karma, creates miracles and can change matter.  Our soul has accepted the opportunity to incarnate on this planet to learn about and experience emotions and a physical body.  We also have free-will in order to create our own life in a place where every thought, word and deed manifests.  We can invoke the Universal Spiritual Law of Grace to transmute our debts, change emotional feelings, heal relationships and the physical body  –  however, we must be ready to receive it.  We created all of our situations with our consciousness and we must learn the lesson/s before we ask for grace.We can offer grace to others through our compassion, mercy, empathy, forgiveness and unconditional love.  Whenever we open our hearts to another we too receive an inflow of Divine love. Compassion, empathy, mercy, unconditional love and forgiveness are Divine qualities which confer grace. Every time you open your heart with compassion, the love emanating from you grants someone else grace.  A change of attitude may take place or the release of a deeply held fear or even a physical healing. The more grace we offer, the more in turn we receive.

Forgiveness is another Divine quality which dissolves and transmutes negative blocks.  It results in emotional, attitudinal and physical healing taking place for both the giver and the receiver. Grace allows healing to occur because the high-frequency vibrations of love transmute the lower vibrations of pain and fear.

We create karma with our attitudes.  All ill-feeling and disputes are the karmic consequences of egotistical attitudes. When you are ready to be understanding and compassionate or are ready to forgive, the angels lead you to someone or a situation that can help you release your karma.

Angels work with grace, constantly whispering to us to think, do or say that which will dissolve our negative karma.  They try to help us forgive our sins and dissolve a backlog of karmic debt.

The more you open your heart to welcome strangers, to let go of anger, to care for the sick and senile, the hungry and homeless, the more grace pours into the planet.  Every time you pray for another or help someone with love, the planet becomes more filled with Divine light.

The Universal Spiritual Law of Grace is the Divine mercy that sets people free.

The Spiritual Law of Grace as Translated by Joanne Walmsely

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    1. The spiritual laws were translated by Joanne Walmsley. I believe in her and respect her. I share her information when and where appropriate. Please see her blogspot pages. She carries a wealth of information and shares it for those open to it.

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