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The Void, The Crone, The Execution of Divine Law (09/10/2022)

This week I experienced a deluge of information. Personally, I have been guided to purge and release more elements of my person, my space, my energy field and because I have successfully followed Divine Guidance, my discipline and commitment have allowed me greater access to an offering, that is, greater Divine Knowledge. This offering presented itself this morning and to my mind, triggered the next phase in the transition of Mother Earth. The offering gave me access to The Crone. She is released to begin the process of executing Divine Law.

More guardians awaken to their path and purpose. The most devout and disciplined always rise to the occasion. We hold each other up as we drive forward on this journey, for we know the gift, the power, the blessing of Unity.


The Wild Unknown: Archetypes

Agape: unconditional love

“Agape (ἀγάπη) is an unconditional love that is not dependent on any external factors. Acts of charity and altruism are often born out of Agape love. It seems fair to argue that a society without Agape would be unable to function, as we are dependent on one another as a species.”

The Will of the Divine The Desire of Mother Earth The Goal of Transcendence & The Shift into Balance (Seafair Weekend, Seattle)

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