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There is only One. Only One is needed.


This video discusses our interconnectedness. I have been given information to help me better understand my interconnectedness with an individual who has recently touched my life, in order to help me better understand my purpose. This has taught me the importance of not only my individual role, but the profound nature of how we are all connected to one another, without seams and without end.

Transcendence is about releasing the body concept and embracing consciousness. Transcendence is empowering the consciousness.

Transcendence is the awakening, awareness and empowering of the consciousness through Divine Love, Everything and Nothingness. The Many converging back into One, then releasing back to the Many with a new understanding of their/your interconnectedness. You are blessed, we are blessed.

The Assignment of One to Usher in the Messiah, is not a responsibility to be Taken Lightly… 

A Brief History of the Secret Space Program via Gaia 

Covert Recruitment into Space Marines “20 and Back” Program By Dr. Michael Salla

Connecting to the Collective Consciousness via Elephant Journal

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List of emotions of a negative polarity

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