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This Shift, a Vision, Epiphanies Realized 09/23/2023

Through this massive shift, we go through much, we are strong, powerful and enduring energies in this universe. As we drive forward through path and purpose we are empowered. Where once we felt unheard, unseen, uncared for, we now see how we have always been in the pole position. As we awaken to who we are and what we are meant to accomplish on this world, we empower ourselves to create change from a place of compassion, tolerance, forgiveness and unconditional love. We are the creators of change, we create from love.

This video discusses epiphanies from this week, a vision, the implications of that vision, these experiences inspire the messages in this video.

Last Video:
Introduction to the Role of Electricity in Creation (09/16/2023):

Photo: Cliffs of Moher, Ireland
Compliments af lifelong friend from 8th grade! ❤️

I Am State Part 3 – Our interconnectedness (09/16/2023)

#LoveAndLight #DivineIridescence #Eira

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