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Transcendence and Tribulation

This video is presented in a different format than past videos. It was initially inspired by a vision manifested in my room on August 2, 2020. As stated in the video titled “Baggage, Balance and The Inner Earth,” I was guided to ask questions, opening the door to the higher self, angels and guides, readily answering any inquiry. This experience started the questioning. After watching episodes of “Initiation” on Gaia I was inspired to ask clarifying questions about the Aessir (Annunaki). This video reveals the answers to the clarifying questions I posed. The answers help further explain the human experience and what was intended for Us, why and what the outcome will be. This outcome was determined by Divinity, God, and will manifest into our reality. We are merely riding the wave of energy that has already been put into motion.


My interpretation of the use of the term Soulmate: Soulmate is a relative term. All of us are intimately connected through the Divine Energy of The Universe, though there are some that we have shared many more experiences in many different lifetimes. The soulmate I refer to in this video, I have shared every lifetime in a variety of relationships. We are unified always, never apart.

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Baggage, Balance and The Inner Earth

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