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Transition, Transcendence, Soul Path and Purpose (02/18/2023)

We are in a time of profound change. There is a heavy feeling in the energy field of Mother Earth as well as a feeling of anticipation. The shift from imbalance to balance is rocky and tumultuous, resistance is great, but the will of the Divine prevails.

The moments of awakening currently being experienced, for those transcending, require surrender to the Divine Source, the Creator of All Things. This empowers the Divine to work through us to create the change we so desire. As many hold on to old ways, they resist change, which creates catastrophe, calaclysm and calamity. This will be short lived, but is necessary as it is a manifestation of resistance, a final manifestation of the fear embodied in humanity. With its end, will be the end of this reign of darkness, imbalance and the beginning of a new existence on earth.

At this point in time, this energy of imbalance is merely manifesting its world in the Cepheus Constellation, for this energy will no longer exist here on earth. Every attempt to usurp the Divine and hold onto Mother Earth manifests a building block for their new world. It establishes the lessons that must be taught to its inhabitants and the path and purpose of that world, nothing more, nothing less. It is not punishment, the Divine does not punish, they are determining the lessons they still must learn in order to transcend from this 3-D level of consciousness to the next. Never feel fear, for we all return to Unity, without exception, for the Divine loves us all Unconditionally.


Earth is screaming through space at 1.3 million mph. A simple animation by a former NASA scientist shows what that looks like. By Morgan McFall-Johnsen via Insider

The helical model – our solar system is a vortex via DjSadhu

Constructive and Deconstructive Interference image (Sum)

Interference of Waves | Superposition and Interference in light and water waves | Physics

Image 1: Love Lies Bleeding

Image 2: Love Lies Bleeding

Love Lies Bleeding Flower Essence: The Soul Path of Surrender by Patricia Kaminski via

When I think of white animals, I think of the story of the White Buffalo Woman.
The Legend of the White Buffalo Woman via Akta Lakota

White and Albino Spirit Animal Symbolism & Meaning via What is My Spirit Animal

White Spirit Animals, Prophets of Change via White Spirit Animals

The Legend of the White Buffalo, Legend courtesy of Jim and Dana Riley via Legends of America

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