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Transitional Energy, Fate and Destiny (02/03/2024)

Presently, the energy on the planet is shifting quite tumultuously. It is not erratic, this is transitional energy, the planet is shifting, we are in a profound time of change, and we are the Creators of that change.

This video discusses this transitional energy, our perception of fate and destiny and how they are different. It further discusses our perception of separation, the reconciliation of duality, how our experiences and our perception of those experiences determines how we reconcile this reality.

There are a number of topics of interest addressed in this video, culminating in the message, honor your intuition, it is our greatest tool of discernment.

Image source: Akashic Records

Akashic Records – brief explanation:

Image source: Unity

Image source: Divine Consciousness

Image Source: Everything Everywhere

Image Source: Tarot Spread – StarMoonAngle1111 Tarot

Image Source – Pendulum

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