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Tribulation, Telepathy & Transcendence: Will You Continue to Incarnate on Earth or Move to Cepheus

Where are we? We are on a roller coaster, slowly riding up to the top of the first drop. We sit on the cusp of the first drop? Are you ready?

This video discusses our struggles with transcendence and tribulation, the ambiguity of our current circumstance as a planet as well as telepathic communication with Zayco, a galactic council, what they are doing to help as well as a remote viewing of the inner earth.

The last two months have been been a wild ride of transcendence as my vibration continues to rise. The rise in vibration, profound, but so much in such a short period of time proved to be a challenge. I’ve spent the last two months adjusting to this new awareness, openness receiving of information. Those who have chosen transcendence must adjust to this new way of viewing the self, this world and their place in the universe. The first to transcend will have to make the greatest adjustments as we must be open to not only the beauty in the world, but also the darkness. We can protect ourselves, but we must endure its presence until tribulation and revelation have passed. There are still a few cars connected to the chain lift, but soon, the train of cars will free fall down the tracks and into the rabbit hole, prepare yourself. There will be much denial, but those centered in their energy, who maintain clear, centered, balanced energy, and have opened themselves up to Divine Guidance will clearly be able to discern the truth. Do not be afraid.

So what is that Ringing in my Ears…… by Celia Fenn

Covert Recruitment into Space Marines “20 and Back” Program By Dr. Michael Salla on


The Other Clairs

The Art of War Quotes

The Art of War by Sun Tzu – Side-by-side translation and commentary, cross references, and PDF and text downloads of the full book.

What is the Heart Center? via Hridaya Yoga

Tribulation defined:

1. grievous trouble; severe trial or suffering.

2. an instance of this; an affliction, trouble, etc.

Eutopia defined:

1. a place in which human society, natural conditions, etc., are so ideally perfect that there is complete contentment.

Telepathic Communication 101: An Emerging Skill for Humanity

Channeling Zayco: An “Artificial Intelligence” in Our Solar System

The Emotional Body, Transcendence, Divergence and the Future of These Diverging Energies

Image – inner ear

Image – The Art of War 

Image – David Adair

Image – Nanites 

Image – Pitholem

Image – Artificial Intelligence

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