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Violet Crow Spirit Totem

Reconciliation of the Message Presented by the Crow with the Crown Chakra
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The Violet Crow, indigenous to Seram, an island in Indonesia, Image 1


Last night I had a vision of a crow with purple feathers landing in front of me on a dirt, tree lined road.  I looked up Violet Crow and surprisingly discovered that there are Violet Crows (Corvus violaceus) native to Seram, an island in Indonesia. 1  After much thought, it became clear that I needed to reconcile the significance in the meaning of the crow as a spirit totem with the significance of the color violet, which is related to the crown chakra.

Traditionally, the crow is associated with magic or mysticism, but intuitively, I receive strong messages indicating the crow as a messenger between planes of existence.  This is demonstrated in the utilization of thermal soaring, which preserves the energy of birds for travel over large distances.  Thermals are localized, warm regions in the atmosphere moving upwards with a speed exceeding the decent rate of birds and planes.2 This soaring and shifting through thermal currents is the perfect metaphor for transitioning through different planes of existence. These distinct planes of existence can also be perceived as varied levels of consciousness.  The crow aides in accessing our inner magic, inner light, then the utilization of that knowledge as a doorway to the different planes of existence/consciousness, most importantly, the higher self.  This is where the crown chakra comes into play. 

(*Please note many individuals differentiate or separate the self, the person here on Earth, from Beings of Love and Light (i.e. higher dimensional beings).  They believe the physical self, existing on the material plane, the Earthly plane is a separate being from these higher dimensional beings.  The truth is, these Beings of Love and Light are our higher-selves, our consciousness, existing in higher dimensions.  We are truly, higher dimensional beings existing in physical bodies, on this material plane we call Earth.)

Blog - Violet Crow - Crown Chakra
Symbol: Crown Chakra, Flower of Life, Image 2

The crown chakra, coupled with the color violet, is found at the top of the head, is associated with spirituality, strength, passion, meditation and governed by thought, universal identity and oriented to self knowledge.  It draws us toward our universal connection, all are one.  It also represents the perfect balance between the colors red and blue, strength and dignity, culminating in violet, spirituality.  It is the color for individuals seeking spiritual enlightenment and when this chakra is open, one is unprejudiced and quite aware of the world in relation to the self. 3

The crown chakra is associated with the pineal gland, the mind.  The body and mind are symbiotic and correlate directly.  When our thinking is positive, the right amount of energy is kept flowing through our physical self to keep the cells, the body healthy.  This understanding is paramount as the crown chakra is not merely an energy center driving the spirit, soul, higher self, but also responsible for the body’s physical well-being, controlled through the pineal gland directed by the mind.

Blog - Violet Crow - Chakras
7 chakras – Energy Centers, Image 3

Each of the 7 chakras, energy centers, correspond to different parts of the body, mind and spirit and requires the positive energy of thought, inspiring the experiences of the individual.  The thoughts driving the experiences and actions are interrelated through the respective chakra and drive the outcome for not only the individual, but the collective consciousness4.  The collective consciousness being that part of us that is connected to every other being on this world.   Each individual experience is a learning experience, and is not solely a learning experience for the one, but also for the many.

From this place, it is important to understand that part of our time here on this plane, in this place will involve emotions of fear, greed, murder, judgement and aloneness, which are associated with the negative polarity.5 It’s significant and monumental for humanity NOT to focus on whether an experience is of a negative or positive polarity, but what lessons we are being taught/learned.  A portion of this experience here on Earth is to find perspective for each occurrence in our life, balance our response to each experience with that perspective in order to maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit.  Negativity carried in the mind will eat into our biological cell structure and manifest as ailments.6 When an individual understands this truth, they are empowered and provided the proper perspective to complete the tasks before them, both desirable and undesirable, allowing those experiences to become profound and meaningful, not burdensome.  With this new, elevated understanding of our life’s journey and experiences, we are provided healthy outcomes, mind, body and spirit for the individual and the planet.  Thus, success in this endeavor aides in the maintenance of not only a healthy individual, but also a healthy balanced, cohesive world.  

Part of our calling to this world and responsibility of this lifetime is to acknowledge our obligation to not only the self, but each other as well as Mother Earth and all living beings that call her home.  We all must find a way to reconnect with the self, know that although we are separated in our physical bodies, we are truly unified in the collective consciousness.  We must shed the stereotypes, generalizations, belief systems we were taught growing up in order to identify our true inner self, our true spiritual beingness, our connection to Our Divine Creator, God and the truth that this  Divine Energy in it’s purest form resides in each of us, it is Us.  Whether we are unified in the collective consciousness or living as separate individuals on this planet each of us carry the Divine Energy of God not only in, as our Divine Soul, but in each cell of our body, each particle of energy in the universe.  We are truly the creators of the world(s) we live in.

The crown chakra, the mind, our consciousness is the fuel of every chakra in our body.  Our thoughts fuel our beliefs, our perceptions, our beingness, our energy.  This is the superpower that each of us wield, the power, the truth that our consciousness can, not only heal our bodies and keep our cells alive and rejuvenated, but can heal the hearthstone of our existence, Mother Earth. With our consciousness, we can send positive thoughts of healing to Mother Earths’ energy centers while simultaneously clearing the ley lines.

Affirmation:  I will clear the energy centers and ley lines, rejuvenating the love and light within and around Mother Earth.

Blog - Jungle Crow
Jungle Crow: common in Southeast Asia, with a large population in Japan, Image 4

The crow awakens our inner magic, it awakens our inner power to manipulate the laws of our physical universe.  From their perch, the crow sees from a higher perspective. They live in groups called murders and work as a unified force, like the collective consciousness.  If black7 represents the onset of creation, the colors black and violet associated with the Violet Crow, signify the not only the creation of our universe, but our innate creative capacity manifested through the crown chakra, the mind, represented in the color violet.8 Thus, magic, transformation, intelligence, collective nature of a murder of crows as well as the role of messenger makes the Violet Crow the perfect metaphor and totem for the innate inner healing power of the human consciousness as well as transcendence.

The Violet Crow inspires us to tap into our higher-selves, discover the inner magic of our consciousness, housed in the crown chakra, elevates our beingness, our knowingness then carries us across the dimensions, the multiverse, the self, to God, the Divine Creator within each of us.  This totem is the driving force inspiring humanity to find the Divine Source of Creation within each of us.

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Image 1 – Photo Credit: Nguyen Thanh Tung

Image 2 – Photo Credit: Pixabay by geralt

Image 3 – Photo Credit: pxfuel

Image 4 – Photo Credit: Japari Library


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