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We are all on a path of creation

We are all on a path of creation.  We look to the light, inspired and driven from the heart center, to find our way back to The Source.   We seek unification with God, Divinity, The Source of All Creation.  It is when one desires, believes or perceives the self as “godlike” or ” a god,” that they become lost in the illusion of reality presented on this plane of existence.  From this place, this ideology, the eventuality of leaving this world can become unnerving.  This is a product of fear, produced, imposed and driven by the mind (ego) and body (physical self).  To fear the loss of what one has acquired on this plane of existence implies the disallowance of unification between the mind, body and spirit, the trinity, and promotes segregation of the self, resulting in a refusal to acknowledge the beauty of the truth provided in the light, embodied and fortified by the unconditional love of Our Divine Creator.

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Mother Earth Provides for all

The Creator does not only work through us, it is us.  We, each of us, beings of love and light, bring the beauty of creation, Our Creator, to this world through our actions, every action, every interaction, every nuance of our existence represents Our Divine Creator.  Demonstrate the gift of creation, the gift of love and light, the beauty of unconditional love in every breath you take, in every action you engage yourself, through each interaction you put forth.  Lead by example from a place of love and light, driven and inspired from the heart center.  Present the unconditional love of Our Divine Creator on the material plane.  Change our world as only God, Divinity, Our Divine Creator can, demonstrate compassion, kindness, unconditional love, tolerance, forgiveness…be a paladin of love and light, lead by example.  As you sow, so shall you reap.

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