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What Does It Mean to be an ‘Old Soul’ During a Time of Transcendence?

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In the past, I have often referred to myself as an old soul, but over time, through my experiences in this lifetime, physical material plane experiences as well as spiritual awakening, well beyond my religious upbringing and the dogma that permeates such a lifestyle, I have been inspired and guided to expand my perspective on the journey of the soul.

This, at first glance, may seem very simple, straight forward, but it is truly a complex topic that can become quite convoluted to anyone who chooses to close their mind to the possibilities.  With that, my only request to the reader is to open your mind to those possibilities.  Consider any one or all of the ideas, concepts, truths or potentiality of what I will be presenting.

First, it is important for you to understand that through my gifts, I have been inspired and driven to learn, teach myself about the nature of the universe and have been directed to certain places, topics and schools of thought to start my research.  Two of these arenas are quantum and theoretical physics.  On my journey of inspiration, knowledge and awareness, I have been exposed to many concepts and belief systems, but I would like to specifically discuss the concept of space-time as it pertains to the topic of the evolution of the soul.

If a soul is ‘old,’ one must conclude that the soul has existed in the past.  It must have existed in the distant past and therefore, in present time, has earned the title or modifier, ‘old.’  What if time as we know it in these 3D/4D bodies is only an illusion created to help us perceive and place events in our lives?  What if, at a greater evolutionary phase in our existence, we will not need this crutch or aide to support our understanding of our life experiences?  What are we left with?  Consider the possibility, which has been postulated by Einstein, Feynman and Hawkings; past, present and future are happening simultaneously.  Hence, there is only now.  For the purpose of this article, what are the implications for the evolution of the soul?  Taking this scientific claim by three renowned scientists into account, what does it truly mean to be an old soul?

I will propose that what we consider an old soul would be an individual who lives and is driven from their heart center, from a place of unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion, empathy, tolerance and acceptance of all, from a place of love and light.

If the concept of the past, present and future are constructs of the mind and do not truly exist in the way we perceive time, then there truly is no ‘old.’  With this understanding, look at your life and recall children that you have met, observed or experienced who appear to have wisdom, compassion and understanding of the human condition well beyond their years.  You can probably hear yourself saying, “He/She is an old soul.”  Think about the kids in middle school, and high school who did not succumb to peer pressure or the expectations of others, those who stood their ground, focused on values and principles that resonated most with who they aspired to be and were able to show kindness and/or patience  even though it turned them into outcasts or opened them up to ridicule.  What drives this behavior, which would be counter intuitive in this world, this society?  I propose that these are children, tweens and teens who are driven through and by their heart center.  Individuals who would traditionally be referred to as old souls, but without time, they are merely extraordinary souls, ready and willing to step outside their current paradigm, connected to the higher-self, the soul, Our Divine Creator through intuition, conscious or subconscious but nevertheless connected.  Through our life experiences, we grow in our understanding of this connection and we slowly or maybe not so slowly awaken into a knowing, an understanding of our connection to our heart center and the role it plays in our evolution as spiritual beings on the material plane.  Therefore, the evolution, awakening of the soul does not occur through any one incarnation as they are happening simultaneously, it occurs as we connect to our heart center, our capacity for unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion, empathy, tolerance and acceptance towards all beings.  This reality brings us into alignment with Our Divine Creator and prepares us for our final ascension back to Source, back Home, back to The Light, the place we all long to be, our eternal existence as beings of pure Love and Light, unified in our intent, affirmed in our existence as a collective consciousness, one in the many, many in the One, We are The Universe.

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